UALA Code of Conduct

UpdatedFriday August 13, 2021 byJenny Wilmer.

League Code of Conduct


The following Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Upper Arlington Lacrosse

Association Youth League ("UALA" ) and shall govern play and conduct for all games for the 2016 lacrosse season and all subsequent seasons until these rules are subsequently

amended, restated or otherwise modified in accordance with the governing documents of




    (i) Each player shall treat opponents with respect as fellow athletes and as

    members of the greater lacrosse community.


    (ii) Each player is a representative of her team, school, community and UALA,

    and accepts the responsibility and privilege of such representation.


    (iii) Each player shall live up to and abide by, the high standards of

    sportsmanship established by their coaches, UALA, and USA Lacrosse.


    (iv) Each player must be in the appropriate grade for their team. A player may

    not play "up" or "down" from her designated grade level.


    (v) Each player must be a current-year member of USA Lacrosse.


Parents and other Spectators


    (i) Each parent and other spectator is expected to adhere to these Rules to the

    extent applicable and to encourage their children to abide by the Rules and

    codes of conduct.


    (ii) Each parent and other spectator is expected to know and demonstrate

    sportsmanship to assist the League in diminishing unsportsmanlike behavior.


    (iii) No spectator will use or encourage profane language or participate in or

    encourage negative or disruptive behavior.


    (iv) Spectators are prohibited from the players’ side of the field and behind the

    end line.


    (v) Spectators are encouraged not to instruct or “coach” the players during

    the game from the sideline.


Honoring the Game  All UALA participating, players, coaches, administrators, parents, and spectators should respect the following:


    (i) The Rules - the letter and spirit of how the game should be played.

    Penalties or sanctions for violating League Rules may be imposed by the

    League on players, coaches, teams, parents and/or spectators after a

    process of fact gathering and the opportunity to be heard by the person or

    entity accused of wrongdoing. Penalties shall be fair and reasonable in

    light of the circumstances.


    (ii) The Opposition - fierce and friendly without negatively impacting.


    (iii) The Officials - respect officials' decisions even when there is a

    disagreement with them. The application and interpretation of the game

    rules shall be the sole responsibility of the officials. All game decisions

    made by officials are considered final.


    (iv) Teammates - commitment to teammates on and off the field.


    (v) Tradition - love of the game that is bigger than individual participation. It

    is a privilege to participate in the game of lacrosse.


    (vi) The Game - players, coaches, and fans shall accept both victory and

    defeat with dignity, pride and compassion. In case of disputes regarding

    games, written protests are to be submitted to the League

    Commissioner within 24 hours of the contest. The ruling of the League

    Commissioner shall be final.